fall in door county

It all starts as an idea

It all starts as an idea. Thetumblr_mupw34c5A61slstlto1_r1_500 2014 season started for me as I was watching the final scenes of the 2013 production of Love’s Labour’s Lost. It was a particularly windy evening with a looming threat of a storm. There were a few incredible actors in our audience that evening- former members of the Door Shakespeare acting company. It hit me that King Lear would be stunning in our space and it is time to welcome these few key players back to the organization. Lear was not on my immediate list of plays to produce during my first few years with Door Shakespeare, but after a long run down Waters End road the following morning, I knew we had to do it.

Many of my most inspired ideas, moments of clarity, and my best to-do lists are all formed when I am out in nature either running or riding my bike. Luckily, I work in the amazing landscape of Door County, WI. There are endless roads, woods, parks, and shores to explore, run, and bike through.

Jennefer, an Artistic Associate with Door Shakespeare, and Founder of the Doorways children’s program, also had a pivotal idea moment during a run through the woods of Ellison Bay this summer. Jenn and I had been thinking of possible plays to pair with Lear and themes for the 2014 season. She came back from her run and it was clear and simple. She said, “We should pair King Lear with The Comedy of Errors and the theme for the season should be “Lost and Found”. “

So that is how that happened…the plays and the theme for 2014. Looking forward to a fall and winter full of running, cycling, and cross-country skiing to fuel the rest of the inspiration for the season. Where do you find yourself most inspired, most creative?

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